“as built environmental tools”


EasyMeasure is a sought-after supplier of “as-built environmental tools” to aid the local and international construction and building industries. With the environment constantly changing to satisfy human demand, high-quality environmentally friendly engineering products are required to enhance the built environment. EasyMeasure has been distributing Scalex products since 2004.


Products range from the Scalex Mapwheel to the Scalex Planwheel and include the Scalelink USB3 electronic measuring tools. Products are sourced from abroad and are distributed by direct shipment to customers. Future products will include EMF devices to reduce radiation emissions in the home and office.

Who we serve

We serve the construction and building industries and extend to the home environment.


Product support, as well as technical support, is provided before and after the sale, with language support where possible, and backup repair service.


All products are available on our website and are dispatched using local and international courier companies.


EasyMeasure falls under the proprietorship of Mr KM Uderstadt.